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Air conditioning for any home!


Maybe your home is not quite this ornate, but you still want to have a comfortable space to come home to each day. In the Houston area, air conditioning for our living spaces is a fact of life. The introduction of air conditioning to the Texas Gulf Coast is one of the most important factors in the tremendous growth the area has experienced.

When you need help with the system that provides the ability to tolerate the Houston summers, call on someone you can trust. At Sentry, our experience ranges from small residential systems, to large commercial installations. With the ability to install and service all major brands, you can count on us to provide dependable, honest service for your existing system. If your current system is past it's prime, we can design and install a new system that will keep your home comfortable year-round. In most cases, a new system will more than pay for itself in energy savings!!

Does your home have a room that is too hot or cold? Often the home office in today's houses is a small bedroom that was not designed to carry the heat load that modern computers and other office equipment generate. In many cases, kitchens and utility rooms are not supplied with enough cooling capacity for the heat load they generate. If you have an older system, designing a new system that meets your needs and provides for the comfort of your family can be a great home improvement. If you have a newer system, often a zoning system can address the needs of those special rooms in your home.

Does your home sit unoccupied for several hours each day? A digital setback thermostat can save money on energy costs and keep your home at the temperature you desire when you are there to enjoy it!

Has your furnace been checked this fall?

Created: Friday, September 27, 2002