A few places to look for helpful information


The Internet can be a wonderful source of information if only you know where to look for it. As time goes by we will be collecting some links we think you might find useful and posting them here. Check back often, this page, along with the rest of this site, is subject to change regularly!

If you live on the Gulf Coast, a good tropical weather site is essential. May we suggest The Weather Underground Tropical Page.
Those wonderful folks from Pueblo have made one of the pamphlets they distribute available on the web. This one deals with ways you can help keep your home cooler. Nice to know your government is thinking about you.
The US Department Of Energy has a nice site devoted to efficiency and renewable energy. Of particular interest is a page about setback thermostats. If you have a fairly regular schedule, setback thermostats can save a lot of energy in an average home!
As always, if any of this information brings up a question feel free to click the mailbox below and drop us a line!

Created: Monday, October 07, 2002